Are bounce houses worth investing in?

Bounce houses are play areas for kids in playlands or homes. Different bounce houses are available in various sizes, designs and colors. Sometimes, a white bounce house is also used for photo shoots as it provides an attractive background. People buy bounce houses for their children at home; however, it is common to see these houses at joy lands. Some people rent bounce houses for some particular event for a few days. They are inflatable hence easily portable and adjustable.


Bounce houses are made up of fine quality material, i.e., PVC, nylon, rubber, vinyl or cloth. Manufacturers stitch the entire house precisely to avoid air leakage. A hole is present at the back of the house for inflating gas. They can bear considerable weight owing to the strong material used in them. These houses are sustainable and durable and have an average life of 3-7 years.

If you are considering buying one, you can buy it online at an economical price. Your children will love the bounce house at their own home, and you don’t need to keep an eye on them as in the case of public bounce houses. It would be a good investment for your children in the long run.

Maintenance of bounce houses:

There are some essential steps for maintaining your bounce houses to make them worth investing in.


You can clean your bounce house with a clean towel and detergent. It may help you clean stains and dirt from the targeted area. However, if you want to thoroughly clean your white bounce house, you can use a pressure washer. You don’t need to worry about pressure washing, but the pressure should be in a considerable range to avoid any damage. This will wash your house entirely and will give it a new look.


You can store your bounce house by removing all the gas in it. It will be left as a piece of cloth; you can fold it and keep it in your store. But people worry about the growth of mold while putting it in their stores. This is because if you compress and store the house while it is mild, there are chances of mold growth. So it is necessary to dry the whole plastic stuff before keeping it in the store.

Specific conditions:

You can install bounce houses outdoors as well as indoors. There are no restrictions in this regard, but you need to place a tarp before installing the outdoor bounce house on the ground. Tarp keeps the wild grass and insects away from the house to avoid any puncture or damage to its structure.

Bounce houses are typically water-proof and not affected by rain or other weather conditions. However, if you want to use it in good condition for a more extended period, you can store it after use.

Are bounce houses expensive?

Bounce houses are not expensive, and their price may range between 200-300 dollars. However, the price may fluctuate depending on the size and color of the bounce house.

Light-color bounce houses are more elegant, require more maintenance, and may have higher prices or rentals.



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